Posted by: Android Developer | February 5, 2017

Simple Spreadsheet 1.0.0 has been released

I’ve done a lot of work updating Simple Spreadsheet for Material Design. My main impetus for this was because Samsung, LG, and a few other removed the 3-dot menu button from their version of Android, which was confusing a lot of people. In order to do this, I had to change the minimum android version (which was 1.6). Now, you require Android 4.4 to run the app. The vast majority of people are using 4.4 or later, so hopefully this won’t inconvenience too many people.

There are also many bug fixes in here from issues that people have reported to me. If you find more bugs (which is likely!) then email me or leave a message here.

Files are now located in the Documents folder on the sdcard. When the updated app first runs it will move any files and backup files it find in the old location to the new one. Anyone using something like FolderSync to backup their files to their Google Account should update their settings.

Currently all updates are only made to the Free version of the app. I will update the paid version in due course.


Posted by: Android Developer | April 13, 2012

Simple Spreadsheet has been released

I’ve only now realised that I haven’t updated the blog in a while about new updates.


The latest version,, is now available for download.

– Fixed display issues on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Maybe for smaller screen devices too (I don’t have one to check, so maybe someone can check it out?  (Xperia X10 mini, for example)

– Allow for cells to be unselected (using back key) without trying to recalculate the sheet, so that cells with errors in them can be fixed.  This was a rather annoying ‘feature’ where, when an error was being caused by a referenced cell, you would get into an endless loop hitting the back button to unselect the cell and the error popping up again and again and again…

the ,2b version fixed the display issue that was caused when the back button was pressed — the cell would be unselected fine, but the cell might not display anything and appear empty.  Now, when the back button is pressed the cell will be display the formula until the spreadsheet is next calculated (when another cell is selected and ‘Next’ is hit, for example — ie, when the cell that is causing an error is changed).

– fixed crash when some errors occurs and the error message cannot be displayed


I know there are still some more issues in the app, hence why it still hasn’t reached version 1.0.  My goal is to get there soon, but this won’t happen until I get rid of the last few little niggling issues.  So if you run into any of them, please drop me an email to tell me what you did and what you saw and how I can recreate it.






Posted by: Android Developer | January 27, 2011

SimpleSpreadsheet v0.9.32b has been released

Been a while since the last release.
I haven’t fixed the StackOverFlow problem yet that has been reported – that will be done in the next release. This release is for some other minor issues pointed out to me that needed fixing.
– Fixed the double-open-parenthesis issue (thanks Lynette)
– Fixed an issue with -1 not being correctly recognised (Thanks Seejeekaa)
– Added Log, Log1p and Log10 functions (natural log, natural log(1+d), and log to the base 10)
– added sumif(range1, val, range2) – add the values in range2 where the corresponding values in range1 equal val (Pedro)

Posted by: Android Developer | November 14, 2010

SimpleSpreadsheet v0.9.31b released

– Changed the parser so that IF can have quoted strings as the 2nd and 3rd parameters (thanks Hans)
– spaces at the start and end of formulae and values will be removed automatically – were causing some problems.
– Major update: Added setting for Decimal Comma. NOTE: if enabled, use ; to separate parameters in functions instead of ,

Decimal Comma can only be turned on and off when you enter the Settings from the main menu. It can’t be changed while viewing a file.
When using Decimal Comma with the built in keypad, the decimal point will have changed to a comma.

When you switch to Decimal Comma mode, then when a file is loaded it will be shown with Decimal Commas. Functions will be shown with ; instead of ,
Files are still saved with . for a decimal and , for separate parameters to functions. This means that files can be emailed to anyone running Simple Spreadsheet.

Major changes were made to the code to facilitate Decimal Comma. While I’ve done extensive testing, I may have missed something. If you find a bug, please email me so that I can resolve it.

Posted by: Android Developer | October 8, 2010

SimpleSpreadsheet 0.9.26b has been released

– several FC fixes – thanks to everyone who submitted reports
– Added code to fix the ArrayIndexOutOfRange errors that occur a lot. Hopefully this will be the end of them.

– First version that will go Ad Free on the purchase of a Key from the Market.

Yep, Ad Free! As I now have the ability to sell apps on the Market, I’ve decided to give all you good people an option to remove the ads from the application. This will be done through the purchase of a key (SimpleSpreadsheet Key), which I’ll be putting on the Android Market is due course. I’m planning on charging a meagre €1 for the key.

I may add features in future just for people who have purchased the key – not sure yet… But I will never limit the current features. That’s a promise.

Posted by: Android Developer | October 5, 2010

SimpleSpreadsheet 0.9.25b released

– Added more debug info. Something isn’t adding up… getting conflicting data, which is mighty strange.
– Updated some error messages (thanks Michael)
– added a Settings Screen!
– added a NumPad keyboard (see the settings screen). Press N for Next, K for normal Keyboard, and < for delete.
– navigating with DPad no longer closes keyboard
– can sort files in Load list by modified date (see Settings screen)
– default zoom level can be changed (see settings screen)
– pressing Next can be configured to go right or down (see settings screen)
– put SUM() to the top of the functions list
– when inserting a function from the list, if the parameters are a range, will insert function with a ":" eg. =SUM(:) in order to make it easier to enter a range without the keyboard open

A lot of work has gone into this release, and I hope you will find it all useful stuff.
Soon, I hope to be releasing 2 versions of SimpleSpreadsheet – the normal free one, which you have come to love and cherish (!), and a paid version that will be ad free. I have a bit of work to do on my end to streamline being able to create both versions and ensure they are in sync with each other, and stuff like that…

There’s still an issue with a Force Close happening on some devices that I still haven’t gotten to the end of. Thanks to everyone who has sent me on the logs – they have helped a great deal. In this release, I’ve added some extra details that hopefully will help further.

If anyone is able to replicate the issue, please let me know how. It seems to be happening when setting cell attributes (borders, colours, etc). At least, that’s what the logs are telling me. If you can tell me how to replicate, it would be great. The sooner I know how to replicate the problem, the sooner I can fix it for good.

(I don’t ever get this issue… nor has anyone reported the issue using the same type of phone as me).

The issue is an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException – if you scroll down in the email with the crash dump you should see this in there somewhere.


Posted by: Android Developer | September 21, 2010

SimpleSpreadsheet 0.9.22b released

– Caught a NumberFormatException in some circumstances which was causing FC – should throw an error to the screen now.
– Attempt to fixed OutOfMemory errors.
– added US locale (kinda)
– disable left and right arrows when text area has no focus (thanks Kerri)
– After setting attributes for a row or column and entering text into a empty cell, text was not fully formatted. fixed. If there is a problem with text alignments (col=right, row=centre), alignment will be cleared for the cell. (thanks Kerri)
– fixed minor bug with keyboard opening (or not closing) when navigating with DPad on first press only. (was fine on 2nd and subsequent presses)
– when navigating cells with a DPad, if highlight cell goes out of the screen the sheet do not scroll automatically. Fixed (Thanks Vitaly)
– Default keyboard to numbers (managed to work around android limitations). To enter a formula, but MUST click the = button. To enter normal text, long-press the = button.
– updated documentation.

Posted by: Android Developer | September 21, 2010

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog.

Here, I’ll be adding information about new releases to my applications.

I’d appreciate any comments you have.  But if you have suggestions or want to report a bug, please email me from the Android Market’s Contact Developer button.  You’ll find that when you click on the application in Downloads and scroll down.