Posted by: Android Developer | September 21, 2010

SimpleSpreadsheet 0.9.22b released

– Caught a NumberFormatException in some circumstances which was causing FC – should throw an error to the screen now.
– Attempt to fixed OutOfMemory errors.
– added US locale (kinda)
– disable left and right arrows when text area has no focus (thanks Kerri)
– After setting attributes for a row or column and entering text into a empty cell, text was not fully formatted. fixed. If there is a problem with text alignments (col=right, row=centre), alignment will be cleared for the cell. (thanks Kerri)
– fixed minor bug with keyboard opening (or not closing) when navigating with DPad on first press only. (was fine on 2nd and subsequent presses)
– when navigating cells with a DPad, if highlight cell goes out of the screen the sheet do not scroll automatically. Fixed (Thanks Vitaly)
– Default keyboard to numbers (managed to work around android limitations). To enter a formula, but MUST click the = button. To enter normal text, long-press the = button.
– updated documentation.



  1. does this app work in android 1.5 or 1.6

  2. Will this app work with android 1,5 or 1,6

  3. انا خنيث وابغى انزغب

    • Can you send the file that’s causing the error to me, please. Long press when loading and select mail to. On 13 Feb 2014 23:27, “TheTomahawk's android Blog” wrote:


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