Posted by: Android Developer | October 8, 2010

SimpleSpreadsheet 0.9.26b has been released

– several FC fixes – thanks to everyone who submitted reports
– Added code to fix the ArrayIndexOutOfRange errors that occur a lot. Hopefully this will be the end of them.

– First version that will go Ad Free on the purchase of a Key from the Market.

Yep, Ad Free! As I now have the ability to sell apps on the Market, I’ve decided to give all you good people an option to remove the ads from the application. This will be done through the purchase of a key (SimpleSpreadsheet Key), which I’ll be putting on the Android Market is due course. I’m planning on charging a meagre €1 for the key.

I may add features in future just for people who have purchased the key – not sure yet… But I will never limit the current features. That’s a promise.



  1. I just downloaded your simple spreadsheet and can’t get the formula to work. Can you Tell me the function to use for multiplication and division please.

  2. Hi, very useful little app!
    One thing – is there a way to associate .ss files with Simple Spreadsheet? So that I can put a shortcut to open an .ss file on my home page (using Astro)

    • I thought I had this setup… I can open .ss files with eStrongs – I don’t use Astro, but I would expect it should still work.

  3. I want upgrade on my smple sprsht. could u do auto upgrade .On 9.32 on t`ur. top
    op of the line…

  4. Like your SS but I would like to open it in another software. Like Excel or word?

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