Posted by: Android Developer | November 14, 2010

SimpleSpreadsheet v0.9.31b released

– Changed the parser so that IF can have quoted strings as the 2nd and 3rd parameters (thanks Hans)
– spaces at the start and end of formulae and values will be removed automatically – were causing some problems.
– Major update: Added setting for Decimal Comma. NOTE: if enabled, use ; to separate parameters in functions instead of ,

Decimal Comma can only be turned on and off when you enter the Settings from the main menu. It can’t be changed while viewing a file.
When using Decimal Comma with the built in keypad, the decimal point will have changed to a comma.

When you switch to Decimal Comma mode, then when a file is loaded it will be shown with Decimal Commas. Functions will be shown with ; instead of ,
Files are still saved with . for a decimal and , for separate parameters to functions. This means that files can be emailed to anyone running Simple Spreadsheet.

Major changes were made to the code to facilitate Decimal Comma. While I’ve done extensive testing, I may have missed something. If you find a bug, please email me so that I can resolve it.



  1. I use your spreadsheets on my galaxy tab for work as a taxi driver instead of making notes on paper. But at the end of my shift I would like to copy my records to my home pc, but find that windows can’t open .ss ext. can you please help.

    regards waddicor

    • Yes, you can export the files to.m .cvs files. These wilk be saved to the sdcard and will open in Excel just fine.


    • Thanks for the info but I just cant seem to find the menu button ps still need your help sorry

      regards waddicor

      • To Export: When editing the file, press the menu button on your phone. Select ‘Export to CSV’

        To Import: from the main screen (where the Load button it), press Import CSV. It will list all CSV files in /sdcard and in /sdcard/download


  2. Very much nice and small program.
    If only I could find the solution to take the natural logaritmic of a value. Then I would really be mobile and perform also thermodynamic calculations. (with many variables to enter)
    Please be so kind to add this function.

    • I’ll take a look at it. I suppose you need the exponent too…

      • If the exponent could be added: I am much abbliged.
        I tried in vain to use “pow(2.72818,-1)” but then the minus sign was not accepted….
        Thanks for helping out.

      • learning from other comments I found that by adding “0” in pow(2.78918,-1) did do the trick ! : POW(2.78918,0-1)
        So, maybe my original problem is solved by this?

        With any further improvements added, which I can use for technologic engineering, I will make a donation.

        Thank you.

      • I’ll take a look at this, thanks. What other issues have you found? Finally have some time this week to look at some issues. last chance I’ll have for a couple of months, so want to get as much fixed as possible.

        (not many issues to fix, but getting time to do them isn’t easy)

  3. Hello, I’ve been using your spreadsheet for awhile and it’s great. Is there an option to format cells,rows or columns for Number/Date/Time, Currency, Decimal constraints, Font, Text Size, etc? Or am I missing something?
    Thank you, Doug

    • At the moment, no. it’s planned, but it’ll be a while before I have time to add that stuff.

      You can change font size, bold, underline, italics, colours and a few other things when you long press.

  4. Hi, currently using SimpleSpreadsheet v0.9.31b. If I enter this into a cell =round((100/3)*2,2) I get @ERROR message. If I enter =round(0+(100/3)*2,2) I get the correct answer of 66.67. Otherwise great app.

    • Yes, I’m aware of the double-open-bracket issue, and I’m hoping to get to look at it and a few other bugs over the coming fortnight.


      • Thanks pls do fix bug..

      • for what? I can’t fix a bug unless you tell me what the bug is…

  5. I love youy spreadsheet.No prob. On inputing fotmula before.I lost all my files all of it. MY SD WENT BLANK MANY TIMES. NOW I’ve completed my wrksheet. Got a problem no with my formla. =sum(d1+e1-f1) says error message. There is bug. Last braket. Pls help. Frank jr, LA Ca

    • sum() is a function that adds up the range within the brackets. You don’t have a range, you have an equation that will result in a value.

      Change it to


      and it’ll work.

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