Posted by: Android Developer | January 27, 2011

SimpleSpreadsheet v0.9.32b has been released

Been a while since the last release.
I haven’t fixed the StackOverFlow problem yet that has been reported – that will be done in the next release. This release is for some other minor issues pointed out to me that needed fixing.
– Fixed the double-open-parenthesis issue (thanks Lynette)
– Fixed an issue with -1 not being correctly recognised (Thanks Seejeekaa)
– Added Log, Log1p and Log10 functions (natural log, natural log(1+d), and log to the base 10)
– added sumif(range1, val, range2) – add the values in range2 where the corresponding values in range1 equal val (Pedro)



  1. Before this update when I left a spreadsheet by hitting the android menu key the file was saved but remained open so when I returned it was directly to work in progress. Now I must reload the file each time I return (2 key strokes) I liked it better before.

    • I didn’t change anything around this area. Only changes were bug fixes to the parser, and addition of new functions.

      Dunno why it’s operating differently. Do you have a task killer installed, maybe?

      • This morning it went back to the old way and I thought GREAT SERVICE!!! so I came back to thank you and saw your comment…but thanks anyway.

        While we’re on the subject:

        Are there plans to add numerical output formatting masks?

        Is there a functions list available?

      • I may add numerical and date formatting, but these days I have very little time to work in this, so it won’t be soon.

        Pressing f(x) button at the top (after you hit = button) will bring up the list of functions. Tap a function in the list to add to the formula.

  2. Thanks

  3. Are you still interested in translating your application into foreign languages?

    I offer german.


  4. I use spreadsheets to keep track of almost everything, so I greatly appreciate the work you have done. The only issue I’m having is finding out how I delete an existing spreadsheet that I have created. I’m not sure if I’m just not looking in the right place?

  5. Having a problem, don’t know if its your end or mine. When I go to load a file it says ‘external media not mounted’. I didn’t know what was going on so I created another file, closed out of it and tried to load it, said same thing. Then I deleted it but it still showed up in the file list when I went to load another file.

    • It means what it says — it’s unable to find the sdcard for some reason. Is the phone connected to a PC, for example?

      • No, just the phone no connection. I tried disconnecting the sdcard and remounting it but it says the samething.

      • Hmmm. Strange. Did restarting the phone help at all?

        The app looks for what Android tells it is the external storage location – the error you are seeing is returned from a call to the Android system, so it’s not an issue with the app itself.

  6. I may just be daft, but when I do e.g. 3/4 I get 0.75, but if I do e.g. C4/C5 I get an error saying that I cannot use the / operator on values of this type (the cell contents are numerical values resulting from formulas). Same when using *. Am I stupid?

    • Can you update to the latest version and see if you seiko have the problem. If so, send me the file to look at.

    • Em, still have the problem. Damn Swype…

      On 3 Apr 2011 13:35, “Gary” wrote:

      Can you update to the latest version and see if you seiko have the problem. If so, send me the file to look at.


  7. I have set up a spreadsheet to calculate unit prices of grocery store items. Very simple- description column, price column, size column, price/size column. calculation works fine.
    I would like to be able to scan the item bar-code and have the description show up in the description column..I place cursor in the description column. Go to scan. scan bar-code. scan completes properly but it does not appear in the highlighted cell nor can you paste it in fact I cannot find where the scan goes at all.



    • I’ve tested it and it’s working fine for me…

      I tap on the cell that I want to put the barcode data into I press the menu button, select more, select Scan Barcode When the barcode app run, I scan my barcode (it goes ‘beep’ – sounds like a shop till scanner) After a second, the barcode app exits and the data is in the cell that I can tapped earlier.

      Can you provide any more info on how to make it fail so I can check this out further.


  8. The next that u mentioned, is it avaiable now..,besides 9.32 ….

  9. need a REALLY simple spreadsheet, just a way to take notes with maybe 3 columns. and export to csv. Also., I’m in Malaysia and can’t install. It says can not install to my country, any idea why?

    • Try it again now. The app was marked to be available in your country, but not in all countries. I’ve updated the list to include all countries now

  10. Is there any sort of password protection planned?

  11. Hi

    This app is the closest I’ve found to to what I want but I can’t figure out how to do what I want. šŸ˜‰

    I’m syncing my download folder on my Asus tablet with dropbox and I’d like to be able to open csv files from the download folder, make changes and then save them back into the download folder so it can be synced back into the cloud.

    What I’m finding with this app is that I can open the file fine but it won’t save it back to the same place (and it seems to add _CSV to the end). How can I get it to save the file back into the download folder?

    Otherwise I’m quite pleased with it.

    • The csv functionality was added to allow the values to be exported to, say, excel for the purposes of graphing, etc. In order to avoid overwriting files with formulae in them, when a csv file is imported I append _csv to the name. Csv files are just values, no formulae. If you don’t need to open the files on a pc, you can just open and sync the .ss files.

      So sorry it’s not quite what you want.


      • But since CSV’s can’t have formulae in them to begin with you won’t be overwriting formulae if you are just saving the same file over top of itself.

        It’s a great program and it would be very handy to just be able to save the file again after making changes. You can add a warning dialog if you want (but I don’t think it’s necessary.)

  12. Hi,
    First of all, want to commend you on the fabulous job you did developing this app and are still doing maintaining it and responding to your far-flung customer base. And all this in your spare time!


    Once I found your blog, I would have sent you the above even if I did not have a question but it just so happens that I do have some questions!

    I noticed that backups are created every time a file is saved. THIS IS GREAT DESIGN. Is there, however, a limit on the number of backups per file? So that the oldest one drops off when a new one is created? And, if there is a limit, would it be possible to set this in the Settings?

    Next, when a csv file is imported and worked on, it is saved as a spreadsheet with the same filename including the csv extension. This is also great though I, personally, would prefer if the extension were dropped. But not a big deal.

    Would it be possible to provide the ability to delete the original csv file? I tried long-pressing the filename after touching the Import but did not get the pop-up providing this option.

    Again, thank you for providing us with this excellent tool!

  13. this is a cracking little app

    i currently use it for labwork and inputting numbers straight into an excel doc, bypassing the paper step. My only gripe it the numerical keypad doesn’t look great, maybe you could import the keyboard from a calculator app or something?, but its perfectly functional as it stands

    Cheers for this, its made things go an awful lot quicker for me

    • My prime purpose with the keypad was to have something that wasn’t a full keyboard (as it would be in text mode, not numerical mode, and needed to be), the also didn’t use up a huge amount of screen space on a small device. Hence I chose to do something that was 2 lines, rather then 4 lines.

      Sorry it’s not perfect, but it was a design decision in order for the app to work well on smaller screens.

  14. Hi,
    Tried sending this to your gmail address but got a connection error so here it is again:

    I had created a, to me, complicated spreadsheet and, when I loaded it just now and long-pressed a cell to change it’s color, everything just froze. Could not select another cell or scroll.

    Then I got a pop-up stating something to the effect that the Activity Cell was not responding and providing buttons to Force Stop or Wait.

    I clicked on Wait and got the pop-up again. Tried this a few times with the same result.

    So clicked Force Stop which took me back to the Home Screen. Clicked on Load and then the spreadsheet in question.


    Please, is there any way to restore it?

    Thank you.


    • There’s a backup in /sdcard/org.thetomahawk/spreadsheet/backup. Copy the file back up a directory and rename to remove the datestamp.

      • Thank you for your very prompt reply.

        I had to install a free SD card manager app from the Android Market first.

        Then, restoring the backup worked like a charm!

        Any idea why I got the pop-up error in the first place?

      • No idea. There are some bugs that I’ve not been able to replicate, so can’t track down.

        If you can send me the file that caused the crash, I can replicate the error from that and then find and fix the problem.


  15. Hi,

    I have a simple spreadsheet that has a column containing rows of numbers with 2 decimal places. The numbers can be positive or negative.

    The SUM of these numbers, however, shows up with at least 6 decimal places that I can see depending on the width of the column.

    Is there any way to round the sum up to just 2 decimal places?


    • This is a common issue with decimal numbers on computers. Computers don’t handle decimals very well, due to how they are represented internally.

      Can you send me the spreadsheet so I can take a look if there is anything specific about the numbers.

      In the meantime, use trunc() to remove the excess decimals =trunc(sum(c1:c6),2)

      • Thanks for your prompt function and suggestion.

        Since the additional decimal numbers were all nine’s, I used the ROUND function instead. Worked great!

        Appreciate you offering to take a look at the spreadsheet. How do I get it to you?

      • email it to me


  16. 1st Thank you for this app! One question, how can I sort by date using mm/dd/yyyy format? I hoped the auto sort would catch it, but it seems to just stay in the order out was entered. Thanks!

  17. Thanks for the great app. It works better than anything else I’ve tried.

    Just one question though. I want a formula to be calculated only if a cell is not blank. In Excel, I can do this using the ISNUMBER function. However, when I use ISNUMBER in this app, it sees a blank cell as a number.

    For example in A3 I add this formula in Excel:

    How can I write this formula in SimpleSpreadsheet? I can’t seem to get escaping ” with \” to work either.

    • It looks like you fixed this with an update today. Thank you!

  18. Is there a way I can print my spreadsheet through Cloud? Can I change it to a Google spreadsheet? Or How can I email it to myself and print from my laptop?

    • You can export the file as CSV. You can then connect to your PC and inport the CSV file to excel or google docs.

      Unfortunately you can’t print from within the app itself.


  19. Ever since the last update I have to reset the settings every time I open the spreadsheet. Always goes back to the original settings, any ideas on what happened? Or how to fix? Using Droid x

  20. Thanks for this great app!

    Question: Is there a way to change the number format, for instance, decimal places?

  21. The latest update simply crashes, 4/11/12. I am disability senior that used it for daily budgeting, now it doesn’t work. Fortunately I noticed data file is still in sdcard. Please fix, my android is Sprint Evo Shift. Please email me when you have fixed update. Batchj at earthlink dot net or post follow-up, I will get it in my inbox. Thx.

    • I’m aware of an issue and will have a fix it this evening.

      • Thx! šŸ™‚

      • i’ve published an update to the app which fixes the problem on the free version — the paid version was unaffected.


      • It’s working again! Thank you. I’ll be sure to vote 5 star, but google page in past didn’t respond on those stars, so, well, intend to šŸ™‚

      • Feel free, then, to purchase the paid version… šŸ™‚

      • Slight ooops. It behaves slightly different: when I touch a cell to begin changing it the = formula field arrives atop. Don’t remember if it did this before. After enterring a new number in that field I usually hit enter and that number is in that cell and gray pointer moves down a couple cells, now I have to touch another cell to get out and have that change finalized. Probably not a problem, probably you’re changing some proceedures.

      • I’ll take a look. Thanks for pointing out it.

      • Hi,
        Besides needing touch another cell to have number enterred into a cell I have to hit enter to have column do math, so I recommend making a list of how prior version performed on different operations and then compare new version’s ways. Thx.

      • Thanks for highlighting that. I’ll take another look this evening.

      • Ok, I’m not really too sure what issues you are having. I’m checking the free version on my phone and everything is behaving as I expect it to behave:

        when I tap on an empty cell, I can type into the cell as normal, using either the built in or the android keyboard. (Skype messes up, but that’s Skype’s fault – they are doing strange things) when I’m typing a value, I can hit N or Next or tap on another cell – the value is stored in the cell, as expected, and the next cell is selected. While I’m typing a value into a cell, I can hit back and the value is entered and no cell is selected.

        When I tap on an empty cell, the = button highlights at the top – I can tap on that to put an = into the cell, and = button becomes an f(x) button, which brings up a list of functions. When I then tap on another cell, that cell reference is added to the formula, as expected. When I tap on another cell after the = has been added and the reference added, and then I hit back, the cell is saved but not displayed (I’ll check this out) and no cell is selected. Again, as expected (apart from the value not being made visible)

        Are you expecting something different?

        On 13 April 2012 07:18, Gary wrote:

        > Thanks for highlighting that. I’ll take another look this evening.

      • Ok, seemed different than before in couple ways, so, well, ok.

      • The only change was to allow the back button to unselect a cell without the spreadsheet being recalculated. This was so that the following example would not put you into a loop of endless errors:

        cell A1: . cell A2: 01/01/1980

        cell A3: =A2-A1

        As A1 is not a valid date, the formula in A3 cannot be calculated and will throw an error to saw that the value is not a date. In order to select cell A1 to correct this, the back key can be used to unselect the cell and A1 can then be selected and changed. Previously, when you hit back, the spreadsheet would be calculated again and you would get the same error and cell A3 would be selected automatically.

        Sorry is this has caused confusion, but I hope you can see why this change was necessary.

        The other change was cosmetic in nature – the top of the screen (the forward, back, and =/f(x) buttons, and the text area) is now displayed using a different, more cross-device friendly method. On some devices they may now appear larger than they previously were. On some other devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, they will now display correctly whereas before the top half of the text was not visible.


      • Ok.
        I have an HTC Evo Shift, is my “DEL” button also a back button in relation to your explanation? Me think it could be as when sitting in a field it backs-up & “deletes” one character at a time, but just wondering if its characteristic acts as you specify in explanation.

      • The back button in the Android sense us the button you press to go back to the previous screen. It’s not the backspace button, which deletes a character. Usually the back button is next to the home and menu buttons.

      • Now I see something else behaving different. Usually if pointer on a formula cell I hit enter to move out safely, now that doesn’t work like previous version did with my HTC Evo Shift. I have to save file and return to it. So this is 3rd thing not like before. Wish we still had prior version.
        Ignore my current comments, I get acustom to most any techie procedure.

  22. Hi
    It does not recognise greater than or less than signs, or I’m doing something wrong. How should I enter these symbols?

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