Posted by: Android Developer | April 13, 2012

Simple Spreadsheet has been released

I’ve only now realised that I haven’t updated the blog in a while about new updates.


The latest version,, is now available for download.

– Fixed display issues on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Maybe for smaller screen devices too (I don’t have one to check, so maybe someone can check it out?  (Xperia X10 mini, for example)

– Allow for cells to be unselected (using back key) without trying to recalculate the sheet, so that cells with errors in them can be fixed.  This was a rather annoying ‘feature’ where, when an error was being caused by a referenced cell, you would get into an endless loop hitting the back button to unselect the cell and the error popping up again and again and again…

the ,2b version fixed the display issue that was caused when the back button was pressed — the cell would be unselected fine, but the cell might not display anything and appear empty.  Now, when the back button is pressed the cell will be display the formula until the spreadsheet is next calculated (when another cell is selected and ‘Next’ is hit, for example — ie, when the cell that is causing an error is changed).

– fixed crash when some errors occurs and the error message cannot be displayed


I know there are still some more issues in the app, hence why it still hasn’t reached version 1.0.  My goal is to get there soon, but this won’t happen until I get rid of the last few little niggling issues.  So if you run into any of them, please drop me an email to tell me what you did and what you saw and how I can recreate it.








  1. Hi, the email on the android marketplace is not correct, by the way. Also, there is a page on here where you say “email me” but it is not a link and I cannot find an email anywhere on this blog. So that is why I am asking you a question here.

    I need to transfer the file I have made and put it on my computer so that I can print it. But when I go to use gmail and ADD ATTACHMENT, it doesn’t find this csv file on my android. So I tried connecting my android directly to my computer and the file does not show up there either, whether I use my MAC or my PC.

    How do I get the .csv file I have created in your application to a real computer so that I can print it? Thanks! Vanessa

    • Others have used the email address just fine, but I’ll check it anyway.

      Did you export the file as csv? If so, it’ll be stored on the sdcard (/sdcard or /mnt/sdcard, depending on your device)


  2. I can’t get your email to work either! My new problem is cannot modify my spreadsheet. Earlier this week for no reason it created a duplicate file, now I cannot modify or delete any files. I thought I hit a max size for the free version,46 kb, and purchased the other to no avail. It is maintaining 1300 backups that I also cannot move, modify, or delete

    • it sounds like your sdcard is read only. If it’s a physical card, check to see if the read-only slider on the side has moved.

      can you perform any file operations with a file manager (eg. Astro)?

  3. Works fine here.
    My problem is cursor movement.
    I have a spread like a list. Here I have to insert a number on some lines.
    I can’t find a DPad. So I press “N” – I think for next. It works fine, but only one time if I don’t enter text. If I don’t enter text, the “keyboard” disappears.
    Would be fine to have an easy way to step through the hole sheet with always the same klick.

  4. Open the mail

  5. Can you lock cell formulas?

  6. I have just downloaded the instructions and have questions about things that are not obvious. Where should I ask?

    • You can ask them here and I’ll reply here also.

      • Thank you.
        First questions…..

        The instructions say “Press the < button to move the cursor one char to the left". Instead the for one character to the right”. There is no > in the Nexus7 rendering of your app.

        The instructions say “once a cell is selected, the DPad up/down/left/right will select the next corresponding cell.”
        It doesn’t say what the DPad and how one finds it?


        Bruce Hopkins

      • The DPad is a hardware button on some phones. Most don’t have it, so you can ignore that bit.

        I’ll check out the left and right arrow renderings on the nexus 7. I think I can get access to one.

        I’ll fix that typo too.

  7. Thank you. Nice job of interpreting my fumble finger message.

  8. Incidentally, on the Nexus7 the numpad shows
    “…. 90<. +…. " with a space as shown.

  9. Landscape: 1234567890<._+/-*()NK
    Portrait: 12345<+*/K

  10. Very good spreadsheet application. I am diabetic, so I am setting up a spreadsheet to track my blood sugar readings and my insulin usage, comparing them with the quantity of carbohydrates in my meals.
    There are just a couple of things I would like to ask you to consider for future releases. First, it would be great if a file could be saved in XLS format. The CSV format loses all the cell attributes.

  11. Hi Tom;Just wondering if you can (and if so how) change the nunber of decimal places the formula results appear to. Im using a divide one and it appears to 3 and I need 2.

  12. I just uploaded your apps. Initially I find it cool and going through it features.
    Thank you for this app. Really helpfull for its purpose. Hopefully if I find something which I don’t understand, you would be available for help.

  13. Good ap, verry useful. Problem on android jellybean .
    If you type any word with an “i” preceded by an “f” deletes the last letter of the word in the table, even though the word is complete in the top bar. Try typing the word “office,” the ‘e’ vanishes. Try typing “fix” and the “x” disappears. “Fiction” will delete the “n” and so on.
    It’s a bazaar glitch, but I can live with it for now.

    • What version are you using? I took steps to fix this in the latest version in Google Play Store. It’s actually an android bug…

  14. why does > turn to > then leave space with error
    on a zte awe

    • “>”


  15. Is there anyway of sorting g he list of files? For example, alphabetically by column? I’m using your app to track purchases and would like to put them in alphabetical order. Thank you for your app and your time. Bill

    • The paid version has sort. It’s not available in the free version

      On Tue, 3 Feb 2015 03:29 TheTomahawk's android Blog wrote:


  16. How do you insert currency symbols e.g. € or $ ?

  17. I love your app! I use it for keeping track of the mileage I’ve run in different pairs of running shoes.

    Recently I tried to export to CSV, but was stumped when it came to finding the menu button! I recently upgraded to an LG G4, and it has programmable soft buttons, but a menu button is not an option.

    Any chance you could add a menu button to the app?

    • Long press the task switcher button. Same in Samsung phones.

      On Thu, 17 Sep 2015 14:49 TheTomahawk’s android Blog wrote:

      > Chris Dearborn commented: “I love your app! I use it for keeping track of > the mileage I’ve run in different pairs of running shoes. Recently I tried > to export to CSV, but was stumped when it came to finding the menu button! > I recently upgraded to an LG G4, and it has programma” >

  18. Tom I have been using your spreadsheet for quite a while and like it. I suddenly found the other day when I tried to load spreadsheet this message came up ” file load failed, read failed EIO ( I/O ERROR) . IS there any way I can load the file Cheers Lachlan

    • It’s not an error I’ve seen before. Can you post steps to reproduce it, please. Did you change phone recently? Does it happen on every file?

      On Mon 25 Jul 2016, 04:57 TheTomahawk's android Blog, wrote:


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