I had a need for a simple spreadsheet application.  Mainly for keeping lists of information.  But sometimes for doing some simple calculations.

Checking the market, there were several available, but they were limited, or had to be purchased.  And I don’t live in a country where paid apps are available!

I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to get the Spreadsheet application that I wanted, I would have to write it myself.

This application is free.  It’s backed by ads so that I can keep it free.  I don’t intend to bring out a non-ads version.

There is a donate button, so if you like you can donate some money to me!

The application features:

– complex formulas  (such as  =((pi()*rand())+sum(a3:b4))/4    )
– text style, size, colour, background and borders, at the cell, row, column, or whole sheet level
– insert or delete rows and columns
– adjustable column widths and row heights
– formula highlighting
– CSV importing and exporting
– freeze first row and/or col
– autofit columns
– copy and paste
and more!

This application is not compatible with Excel, or GoogleDocs.  However, you can import/export CSV files.

The application also does not have graphs, nor do I have any inclination to add graphs.  There are other applications available that will do graphs, or you can export the data to a CSV file and do graphs on your PC.

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